Stressed out, drained, in need of fresh air and relaxation? Does this sound like you? Enjoy the benefits of yoga, meditation, or massage right in your workplace.



Escape without leaving your office, be kind to yourself and recharge your batteries to improve your work-life balance.

Massage, Yoga, and Meditation

Massage, Yoga, and Meditation

Zen@Work works together with companies to include wellness breaks for employees.

Where You Work

Where You Work

Your wellbeing is our focus: we bring a simple, practical solution to your workplace.

Our Concept

Zen@Work is all about helping companies and their employees with a wide range of high-quality services right in the workplace.

  • Certified Professionals

    Our personal services adjust to the culture of each company, and are provided by certified professionals. You will experience increased motivation and concentration, improved performance, and renewed energy and creativity.

  • Reduced Absenteeism

    Our services also reduce costs related to absenteeism by helping to fight illnesses due to overwork and aid alleviating stress.

  • Prevention

    The Zen@Work key concept is prevention, which is pivotal to both individual health and team spirit.

Workshop and event

Are you organising a workshop or an event around staff health and wellbeing?
We offer tailer-made solutions.


Join meditation sessions to harness your emotions, deepen your concentration, and improve your performance.


Join a yoga class to regain flexibility, agility, and endurance. Enhance your serenity through your mind-body harmony.


Have a massage to relieve back pain, release nervous tension, and tone your muscles. Periods of rest and relaxation will help you alleviate anxiety and insomnia.


Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and well-being with a relaxation session. This gentle and natural technique helps reduce stress and anxiety, and contributes to improving sleep and concentration.




CHF 110

Price per person
45 min.
Various techniques

Amma Massage


CHF 35 to 40

Price per person
CHF 35 / 15 min.
CHF 40 / 20 min.



CHF 70 to 110

Price per person
CHF 70 / 30 min.
CHF 110 / 45 min.



CHF 35

Price per person
60 min.
CHF 35 / 4 to 10 pers.



CHF 35

Price per person
60 min.
CHF 35 / 4 to 10 pers.



CHF 35 to 120

Price per person
CHF 35 / 4 to 10 pers. / 45 min.
CHF 120 / individual / 60 min.

Sports Coach


CHF 35 to 120

Price per person
60 min.
CHF 35 grp / CHF 120 indiv.

How It Works

Zen@Work offers a wide range of wellness services right where you work to help you alleviate stress and improve your performance. We provide the following services to companies located in Geneva and the surrounding area:

  • Various massage techniques
  • Foot reflexology
  • Yoga classes
  • Group and individual meditation

If you are an employer, please contact us to meet with a member of Zen@Work. Together we will find the formula that works best for your company. We can also tailor solutions to your needs and suggest the best providers. We will ensure that your employees benefit from our services as efficiently as possible.
If you are an employee, inform your human resources colleagues of our services: they may wish to know more.

Zen@Work services will help you:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety,
  • Gain motivation and focus,
  • Strengthen your immune system,
  • Relieve tension,
  • Tone your body,
  • Sleep better.

You will make better use of your available time and improve your work/life balance by avoiding unnecessary commuting to enjoy our service.

The Zen@Work prevention approach will help you to:

  • Significantly reduce costs associated with absenteeism and burnout
  • Boost staff motivation, efficiency, and productivity,
  • Reduce tensions within groups,
  • Attract stronger candidates,
  • Encourage a dialog within the company,
  • Increase a sense of belonging.

Recent studies show that more than one-third of workers in Switzerland feel stressed and that introducing these measures has a positive effect.

Zen@Work services can be paid – entirely or in part – by the partner company, or be considered a private service for the employee at his workplace.

If the employer is paying for the full cost of services, the employee receives the credit from the company on his Zen@Work account. Then he simply schedules an appointment using the Client Access area on our website. The employer will then be billed at the end of each calendar month.

If the employer is covering part of the cost, each employee will pay the full amount for services on our secure site and will then be reimbursed by his company according to their own internal agreement.

For yoga classes and meditation sessions: sign up for 5 courses and benefit from 5% discount or 10 classes and get 10% discount automatically.

All major credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) are accepted. Payments is via the secured SIX Payment Services SA platform, leader of Swiss online payments. Cash payments are not accepted.

As soon as your company becomes a Zen@Work partner, you can visit our Client Access page to sign up using your professional email. Then it’s easy to reserve your sessions with your ID and password.

Based on the needs your company has identified and the agreed time slots, our team of professionals will come to your workplace with the necessary equipment to deliver the best possible service.

We provide all the necessary equipment for a smooth session. We have chosen state-of-the art equipment specifically designed for easy storage at your company.

Unlike traditional massage, reflexology is done fully clothed.

For yoga, we recommend comfortable clothing.

We like to be as flexible as possible, so we make it easy for you to reschedule your appointment for a later date using Client Access. There is no charge if you reschedule up to 12 hours before the appointment. If you contact us less than 12 hours beforehand, we cannot change the date or refund you.
Rescheduled dates must fall within three months of the original date. We will send you an email reminder one month before the new appointment date.

Some massages are reimbursed by supplemental health insurance. Most of our professionals are ASCA-accredited (Swiss alternative medicine foundation). Please contact your health insurance provider for more information.

Our Team

Our team of professionals will accompany you in enhancing your wellness. You won’t need to worry about a thing – we bring all the necessary equipment, we organize your Zen break efficiently and professionally, and we work in a clean and confidential environment. We will do our best to assign the same people to your company each time to ensure personalized, consistent care.

M. Miracle Creams and Ointments

We use M. Miracle creams and ointments exclusively. These products are 100% natural, handcrafted in Switzerland, 0% mineral oil, 0% preservatives, not tested on animals.


Zen at work – Marina Cox

Marina Cox


Zen at Work - Diana Greco

Diana Greco
Project Manager

Development and communication

Zen at work – Sarah Petitpierre

Sarah Petitpierre
Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Hatha and Iyengar yoga (poses with supports, meditation, and breathing)
Meditation, mindfulness

Zen at work – Marie-Christine Paulsen

Marie-Christine Paulsen
Yoga Instructor

Hatha yoga (poses, breathing and relaxation)
Yoga for children and teenagers
Brings imagination and creativity with an emphasis on sharing

Zen at work – Barbara Thonney

Barbara Thonney
Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation Instructor

Hatha yoga (poses, breathing)
Meditation, mindfulness
Relaxation (Schulz, Jacobson)

Zen at work – Maria Miguel Ribeiro

Maria Miguel Ribeiro
Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation Instructor

Hatha yoga, conscious movement (gentle yoga), vinyasa, meditation (e.g. mindfulness)
Poses, breathing techniques, relaxation and concentration practices

Zen at work – Laetitia Pinsuwan

Laetitia Pinsuwan

Therapeutic reflexology
Energy healing
Access Bars
Amma massage

Zen at work – Anne-Sophie-Pont

Anne-Sophie Pont
Sports Coach and Personal Trainer

Strength, conditioning and cardio training course
Jogging and running
Stretching, mobility and relaxation classes

Zen at Work - Gabrielle-Ruegsegger

Gabrielle Ruegsegger
Massage Therapist

Classic, sports, therapeutic massages
Amma massage
Acupressure and periost-pressing techniques

Zen at Work - Philippe-Vignon

Philippe Vignon
Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Hatha yoga (poses, concentration), yin yoga
Meditation (mindfulness)
Pranayama (breathing exercises)
Support in connecting to the body's feeling

Zen at Work - Caroline Grand

Caroline Grand

Therapeutic reflexology
Hakim and Amma massages

Zen at Work - Pauline Valli

Pauline Valli
Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation Teacher

Trainer, speaker and coach specialised in sophrology and neuroscience, meditation and yoga teacher, certified hypnotherapist
Graduate in political science, Chinese and international management

Zen at Work - Morgane Dumas

Morgane Dumas
Shiatsu Practitioner, Massage Therapist and Meditation Instructor

Classic, therapeutic and oriental massage
Amma massage
Meditation (mindfulness)

Zen at Work - Typhaine Liminet

Typhaine Liminet
Massage Therapist

Swedish massage, sports massage, manual lymph drainage, magnetiser
Amma massage

Zen at Work - Béatrice Guth

Béatrice Guth

Tuina massage, Chinese medicine and pulse listening
Pregnancy massage and support
Pediatric tuina
Energy healing, tuning fork and singing bowls
Amma massage

Zen at Work - Stéphanie Cavallero

Stéphanie Cavallero
Massage Therapist, Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Relaxing, therapeutic and seated massage, ASCA-accredited
Vinyasa yoga (fluid sequence of postures in synchronisation with the respiration)
Meditation (breathing exercises and relaxation)

Zen at Work - Léandra Zulauff

Léandra Zulauff
Massage Therapist

Therapeutical massage, sports and relaxing massages
Hot stone and 5 continents massage
Amma massage

Zen at Work - Mathilde Simon

Mathilde Simon
Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher

Approach to yoga as a way of life
Poses, breathing, movements, relaxation
Yoga for kids

Zen at Work - Florie Demolis

Florie Demolis
Reflexologist and Massage Therapist

Therapeutic foot reflexology,
Swedish massage and muscle relaxation

ZenAtWork - Mayu

Mayu Mangin
Massage Therapist

Classical, sports and therapeutic massages
Foot reflexology
Lymphatic drainage DVTM method
Cupping therapy
ASCA- and RME-accredited



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